Why are car seat belt important?

As we all known, car seat belt is one of the most important things during driving. But do you know why it is so important?

In the event of a car crash, the seat belts will be the only thing keeping you in your seat. They also serve the purpose of preventing your face from smashing into the windshield and/or steering wheel. Airbags do a great job in preventing you from smashing your face in a car crash, but they wouldn't work as well if you weren't wearing your seatbelt, because you'd simply be thrown from your seat and pass the airbag straight into/through the windshield.

Even when sitting in the back seat, the seat belts will also keep you in your seat. Otherwise, you would violently bounce around inside the car while its rolling or whatever. I've even seen a video where two people were thrown OUT of the car when it hit a barrier (their windows were down).

So why are seat belts important? Because they can literally save your life, and sometimes even let you walk away from a severe car crash. Even if you survive without wearing a seatbelt, you might be horribly disfigured from the accident (road abrasions are really nasty wounds).

Unless you have a death wish with the possibility of dying slow and painfully, and ending up having a funeral with a closed casket, ALWAYS PUT YOUR SEATBELT ON!


There is also another car accessory important in your car. That is car seat cover. Why I say it is so important? I’ll tell you the reason in the next blog. Here introduce autojoy car seat covers for you. Next blog I’ll explain why in details.

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