What should pay attention to when you buying a new car?

After buying a new car, we should pay attention to something important. Most cars have a specific engine break-in recommendation, and contrary to what Rubinstein Eugene suggests, this recommendation often calls for owners to "exercise" their engine thru a wide variety of RPMs. This ensures proper seating of all the internals.

Thus, while the term "hot rodding" might not be the best descriptor, it's a very smart idea to drive a new car aggressively (at least for the 1,000 miles). What you absolutely do not want to do with a new car is take it on a road trip where the RPM is set at the same level for hundreds of miles...at least not until the break-in period has ended.

NOTE: Diesels often have longer break-in periods, so you may find that 1,000 miles isn't sufficient. Check your manual to be sure.

ANOTHER NOTE: Rubinstein Eugene clarifies in the comments on his answer that hot-rodding is defined as hard braking, failing to slow down for bumps and obstacles, hard cornering, and other wreckless activities. These are NOT good for a new car. However, aggressive acceleration is A-OK.

Other tips:

  1. Be careful at the gas station. I've seen more people bang their doors and/or dent body panels maneuvering around all the poles at the gas station than anything else, at least on new cars.
  2. Don't let the kids or irresponsible adults "try it out." It's not unheard of for a new car owner to toss the keys to a friend or family member who promptly wrecks the vehicle.
  3. Don't drop big cash on accessories until a few weeks have passed. You might decide you absolutely have to have a lift kit, supercharger, wheel upgrade, etc., but wait until you've made a couple of payments to make that decision.
  4. Be extra cautious. Driving a new car is often an exhilirating experience. Just don't let it get in the way of caution and common sense.

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