October 19, 2017

Well, leaving out child car seats, there are a number of styles. I'll be covering driver & front passenger seats as rear seat in most cars are a hybrid bucket/bench style, though other types do exist.

Bench seats, as the name implies, are a simple padded bench mounted across the cabin, providing seating for 2–3 (or more) people. In the early days of automobiles, this was pretty much the only available seat type (with an exception or two, I'm sure), though today pickup trucks and some transport trucks are the only vehicles with bench seats available, usually in the lowest trim levels.

Next were split seats, similar to bench in form but split either 50/50 or 60/40, allowing for independent adjustment of both the slide front to back and reclining the seat back. These are rare today.

Bucket seats, the most common type in cars today, were originally available in sporty models to give a more racy feel by supporting the driver & passenger better. Modern buckets provide multiple independent adjustments to allow the driver to customize the seat to preference, though passenger buckets tend to be less adjustable until luxury models or trim levels are selected.

On some types of vehicle, primarily minivans & MPVs, captain's seats are available. These are modeled after marine pilot seats & are distinguished by integrated folding armrests. Some also swivel, allowing the seat to rotate from a forward facing to rear facing position.

Modern sports models have sports seats or sports buckets which provide more side bolstering and support in specific areas of the seat to hold the driver & passenger more securely during spirited driving.

The aftermarket offers tuner seats, also sometimes called sports seats, which generally provide comparable support to factory sports seats, though normally adjustments are fully manual as compared to factory seats which are normally power adjusted.

Then there are racing seats or buckets, available aftermarket or in high or hyper performance cars. Racing seats in production cars are generally adjustable with reclining backs for better road driving comfort, while those in purpose built or dedicated race cars generally have one piece, non adjustable seats. Some racing buckets in top tier racing series are even built specifically for individual drivers, the custom fit allowing for optimal driving position while minimizing fatigue. Depending on the type of racing and safety regulations of the governing body, racing buckets are available in many different styles, from the minimalist metal buckets with low backs used in top fuel dragsters, to the custom fitted composite buckets featuring full wrap head restraints used in WRC cars.

Most tuner and racing seats can be distinguished by slots or holes at shoulder position on the seat back to allow the shoulder belts of a 4 or 5 point harness to pass through and securely hold the driver to the seat in the event of an wreck.

That pretty much covers the different types of automotive seat. I may have missed a sub type or two, but those generally fall under the main types.Whatever car seat you choose, you need to buy a autojoy car seat cover which is air bag compatible and comfortable to seat. Now, buy a autojoy car seat cover on amazon :https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=autojoy or our website: autojoygroup.com.

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