September 28, 2017

1.Japanese Prostuff Window defogging agent, sprayed in the front of the front block, the winter to prevent the indoor fog artifact, no longer have a large winter to open the cold blown glass. 

2. China Bellman Large sight surface anti-glare reversing rearview mirror, as long as there is it, change the channel no longer in the reverse mirror and right rearview mirror to switch back and forth between the perspective, and only look at the mirror on the line, lane more calm.

3.Small round mirror, attached to the left and right side of the rearview mirror, parking storage is no longer afraid of tires rub the road teeth.

4. China Autojoy car seat covers, give you the best driving experience. Leather or polyester or jacquard material are for your choice. It is not only breathable , but also compatible with air bag.

5.Mini-pumping paper + anti-slip mat, stick to the handrail box, beautiful and no place.

6.Tire pressure monitoring + integrated navigation, to unfamiliar place entirely by navigation, Shanghai's elevated interchange is too complicated, no navigation estimated that I can not get out of Pudong. With tire pressure monitoring do not worry about high-speed puncture. Do not know why, since the installation of tire pressure monitoring, no more tires.

7.Blue SWIPE concentrated liquid, blue Wei Po + tap water = the best use of the history of glass of water

8.Scratched to remove wax, the stubborn stains on the car, a rub no, save time and effort.

9.Multi-function safety hammer. (dozens of pieces of things may determine the life and death)

10.Temporary parking card - temporary parking time, smoking in front of the glass, others have direct telephone notification, to avoid the car, lock the car, causing trouble.

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