These Car Seat Covers You should have

Compared to the luxury appearance, I pay more attention to the self-cultivation. Therefore, the same view for the car maintenance, I can not only care about the outlooking, the maintenance of the car interior is even more important, really be superb. And these three car seat covers is necessary for your car interior.

 1. AUTOJOY Baja Blanket Car Seats Covers Universal Fit, Stitching and Wear-Resistant Car Seat Protector

AUTOJOY Baja Blanket Car Seats Covers Universal Fit,Stitching and Wear-Resistant Car Seat Protector


TRANSFORM THE LOOK OF YOUR CAR? Let your car seat look pretty and nice as you use our seat covers for your car seat. As you use our car seat cover on your car, it will have a lovely look that everyone will admire. Don’t you want that? The choice is yours!

BUILT TO LAST- Our car seat covers are made of premium elastic, breathable and wear resistant polyester material. It is made under state of the art facility following strict quality control. It will stand the test of time even with the roughest use

ENJOY COMFORT AS YOU DRIVE- AUTOJOY car seat covers include 2pcs front seat covers, 2pcs rear seat covers and 5pcs headrest covers. As you rest on your car seat you experience comfort and never experience fatigue as you travel. Isn’t that awesome?

RISK-FREE PURCHASE- Never forget to check for our brand name AUTO JOY so you don’t spend your hard-earned money buying fake and sub-standard car covers. We can only guarantee you of buying superior quality material when you buy from AUTOJOY!!

 2. AUTOJOY Breathable Car Seat Covers,Durable,Universal Fit

 AUTOJOY Breathable Car Seat Covers,Durable,Universal Fit

Material: pineapple cloth is extracted from pineapple fiber. It is very breathable, antibacterial,resistant to humidity, easy to dry,soft touch, crease-proof,and 2.5mm foam keeps you sit firm and comfortable

Elegant Stripe with 4 colors for your choice, offering us a nice look pleasant mood whilewe are driving

Totally surround your car seat,easeful and nice

Compatible no matter your car headrest is detachable or not

Full set seat cover:Include 2PCS front,2PCS rear and 5PCS headrest

3. Premium PU Leather Car Sat Covers-Air Bag Compatible Anti-Wrinkle-Easy To Clean Car Seat Covers

 Premium PU Leather Car Sat Covers-Air Bag Compatible Anti-Wrinkle-Easy To Clean Car Seat Covers

ENJOY LUXURY IN THE COMFORT OF YOUR CAR- As you take a seat in your soft and comfortable car seat fully wrapped with our luxurious leather car seat covers, long drives will be less exhausting and more enjoyable. You will experience comfort while feeling like a king!

PROTECT YOUR CAR SEAT YOUR DAMAGE- Autojoy car seat covers cute is made of PU leather which is firm to the touch, wear resistant and dirt-proof and wrinkle resistant. Using our car seat covers seat is the most ideal way to protect your car seat from scratch and damage.

AIRBAG COMPATIBLE- Our car seat covers airbag compatible perfectly fits into most vehicles with the reserved opening holes and it's very easy for you to install. We have the exclusive patent about the blast of airbag for the seat covers in case of emergency.

EASY TO CLEAN- You don’t have to stress yourself when you want to clean your car seat cover. Just a simple wipe with wet cloth and we will be as brand new as it was the day you bought it! It is made of 100% breathable and washable material.


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