October 11, 2017

  1. The usage of seat belt

Seats, headrests, seat belts and airbags can effectively protect the safety of passengers, but if used improperly, it may affect its effective performance. Here to talk about the usage of seat belts should pay attention to following notes.

Seat should be used upright sitting, back close the seat, the back should not be tilted more than 30 degrees, so as to more effectively play the performance of the seat belt to protect the safety of passengers.

In winter, too thick clothes will make the safety of the belt slow response and can’t play the best protection effect.

Department of seat belts should also pay attention to the method, the waist belt should be part of the pelvic part of the shoulder belt should be tilted through the middle of the chest and close to the body, careful not to make the seat belt through the neck, so as not to appear accident.

When the seat belt is inserted into the buckle, until you hear a click, then the seat belt has been properly locked. If you can not pull out the seat belt, pull and then let go, seat belt will be able to pull out smoothly, but can not pull too fast, otherwise the seat belt will automatically lock.

Seat belts can not be demolished, if there are problems must ask professionals to repair. In the cleaning, to use the car cleaner or warm water cleaning and natural drying, can not use artificial heating such as baking, etc., this will affect the safety performance of seat belts and service life.

A seat belt can only be provided to a person to use, not two people (including children) share a seat belt, seat belts in use can not be reversed, or affect the use of results.

  1. The usage of airbags precautions

Only the seat, headrest, seat belts and airbags together to the most effective protection of the safety of passengers, the correct use of the method is safe and secure.

driving equipment with an airbag of the car, you must wear a seat belt, so as to prevent the airbag after the impact of the impact of pop-up.

Don’t put items on the airbag surface of steering wheel in case of the damage of air bag popped out.

Non-professional staff, do not arbitrarily check, remove the airbag, because it may cause you accidental injury.

After the collision accident, regardless of whether the airbag detonation, should ask the maintenance staff on the relevant safety system to do a comprehensive overhaul.

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