September 22, 2017

  1. There is no need to worry about the wearing and tearing of leather in daily use. Although in the development process of autojoy, the various physical properties of the suit are fully verified, including fracture, stretching, rubbing and so on.However, in the actual use of daily life,there will be some unexpected situation,such as sharp objects (key strings, nail clippers, etc.), bear children, cute pets, etc.Hundreds of thousands of cars, seats open a hole, or a broken hole,put on who are unpleasant, and the seat cover with a simple and brutal way to stop the possibility of such incidents, to the owner of a heart.

  2. You needn't worry about the dermal fabric in daily use.The leather fabric is easier to clean and take care of than other fabric such as flannelette.If there is dirt, wipe it directly with a towel.But for stubborn stains,as well as light-colored seat covers,dirt is a headache.One more layer of seat cover,when you need to wash it, remove it and throw it into the washing machine.

  3. Don't worry about dermal material burning your ass in the hot sun.

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