January 16, 2018

The interior space of the car is limited, and most of it is used as a vehicle for people to take and load goods. Even a large SUV has a slightly larger interior space than a typical car. It is hard to tell how spacious it is. Small space inside the car has its own limitations, the long-term use of the car will have an impact on the car environment, due to the use of man or pull the load of the relationship between the contents of the car easily become the ideal place for filth.

Believe that most car owners have good habits of cleaning home hygiene, but how many car owners can think of regular cleaning of car interiors which occupy a much smaller area than houses? Therefore, we think that it is necessary to clean the car interior frequently during routine car use. We advocate not only to maintain the bright appearance of the car's exterior, but also to create a healthy and clean interior environment. So, for car owners, to "promote health for the whole family" may wish to start from cleaning your car. Here to introduce the seat and interior cleaning methods.

Seat cleaning

For the fabric fabric seat, the simplest and most effective way to keep it clean is to install the seat cover. The owner can prepare two or more sets of seat cover, use 2 to 3 months after the replacement, most of the seat cover can be cleaned, convenient and time-saving. The bad thing about this approach is that part of the stains on the car will leave a ugly mark on the surface of the seat fabric through the seat cover. For particularly dirty seats need to use deep cleaning method of descaling, first of all should be used to remove the surface of the seat with a vacuum cleaner and small cracks in the gap, and then use the brush with the fabric fabric seat cleaner dedicated cleaning seat Local surface can be.

 Seat surface can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner

For leather seats, rarely used in the installation of seat cover, so increase the chances of dirt and leather chair contact surface, pay special attention to cleaning. The operation should be carried out according to the correct procedure. First, wipe the seat with cotton cloth so as to remove the dirt on the surface of the chair. Encounter stubborn stains need to use leather seat cleaner with a small brush to clean, and finally with a clean cloth on the whole rubbed the seat to complete. After cleaning, either fabric seats or leather seats should be thoroughly dried, so as not to leave the water inside the seat can not be eliminated during cleaning, resulting in moisture mildew.

Interior surface cleaning

Car interior surface of the complex structure, different shapes, cleaning more difficult, and more interior materials mainly plastic, leather materials, the use of detergent ingredients have special requirements. In order to better protect the car interior and extend its useful life, we advise the owner to choose a neutral cleaner when cleaning the interior. After cleaning, wipe clean with a clean cloth, and open the door for a period of time in order to maintain ventilation, doing so will help speed up the drying speed inside the car.

Develop good habits and keep the car clean

Usually when eating in the car must pay special attention, do not let food debris fall in the car, causing bacteria or other microorganisms to breed. Do not stack waste and trash in the car, to avoid deterioration of these things lead to deterioration of the car environment. Minimize the number of smoking in the car, strengthen ventilation and drying inside the car to ensure air circulation, the car smell fresh.

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