How to do Car Maintenance

A clean fresh, bright and comfortable driving environment, not only can extend the life of the interior, but also can effectively improve the driving mood. Car maintenance is very important. I have do a summary of how to do car maintenance.
    The seat of the general vehicle occupies most of the area inside the car. When the seat is not dirty, it is recommended to use long hair brushes and suction with a strong vacuum cleaner, while brushing the surface of the seat while using a vacuum cleaner dirt sucked out.
    More high-end cars use leather seats , both comfortable and noble, long service life. Leather is a natural thing, it can not be ignored naturally. Ordinary chemical cleaning agent is best not to be used casually, which should be used alkaline cleaning agents, like soap and water and the like, after washing with a tissue wipe dry.
    Fabric fabric seats, handle relatively simple. Suggested that the new car should be cleaned and repaired when it is bought back, and must be immediately dried to keep the water inside. Usually use more professional cleaning agent cleaning and protecting, such as inadvertently drip fruit juice or coffee and other colored liquid, it is recommended that you wash away in time to keep the car clean and tidy.
    2. Dashboard
    Another important part of the interior of the car is the dashboard that each individual driver faces directly. The level of cleanliness is the most important part of people's attention when checking the cleanliness of a car. A little attention to the dashboard you will find that only with rags and sponges to clean the site is very small, these gulch places need to use "special tools" to clean up. Ordinary car beauty shop will have to clean the vehicle interior tool sales, such as cleaning air conditioning outlets for cleaning strips.
    In addition, most of the dashboard are plastic materials, in the sun and ultraviolet light in the air of ozone irradiation, a long time the plastic material will appear aging, embrittlement, cracking and so on. In order to reduce the aging of these plastic parts, usually can be coated with a layer of cleaning and protection on the dashboard water wax. Water wax can effectively extend the life of plastic materials.
    3. Car carpet
    Car is the most easily dirty inside the carpet, while the carpet is also the owner's facade.
    The upscale car comes with the carpet is basically one and the car, not easy to remove to clean, so usually the best place in the car activities in the mats. If the foot pad dirty, then get the car outside the beat or cleaning on it.
    Ordinary vehicles to install the plastic can also effectively keep the interior of the vehicle floor clean, but as to whether the taste of the vehicle site preparation after the installation of plastic whether this affect the benevolent, wise wise.
    4. The vehicle roof
    After long-term use of the car canopies, there is often a lot of dust accumulated in obscure places, which are often overlooked by routine cleaning.
    The method of cleaning the canopy is usually to clean the area with a large amount of high-power vacuum cleaners and brushes, and then clean it with a neutral detergent solution. Finally, clean it thoroughly. However, it must be noted that the filler inside the roof awning is a material that is heat-insulated and sound-absorbing, and has a strong water absorption capacity. When cleaning, the cloth must be dry, otherwise the wet wipe will be hard to dry if the roof material is soaked.
    5. Other interior
    For the car's steering wheel and transmission, brakes and other components, can use a small toothbrush or clean with a cloth wipe with a clean cloth detergent, and finally the best windscreen glass spray coating products to prevent rain and snow or winter driving Window fog.

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