November 21, 2017

Firstly, make sure not to scratch it, or worse, rip it. This can happen with things like metal popper, studs, studded belts, etc. If you can, keep a sheet or car seat cover handy just incase you happen to be wearing something that can damage your leather.

Second, invest in leather care products. Use of these as per instructions will prolong the life of your leather, and with some products, will even do a very good job at restoring dried or damaged leather.

Leading on from that last bit, dried leather is easier to damage, but regular cleaning and care will rehydrate the leather and keep it soft.

Old leather can also start fading or become stained. Products are also available to re-dye it. With a bit of care you can transform the look of your interior. All black leathers in a red car? Add red dye to the center pannels of the seat back and base for a new look! Have cream leathers but would rather have black? Take them out, repair and re-dye!

Leather care can be a bit time consuming but hell, it is deffinately worth it!

There is a easy way to protect your leather car seat, that is, choose a universal nice looking car seat cover to protect your leather car seat. But, you should be patient to choose a high quality car seat cover. Here gives you some advise, autojoy is a safe car seat cover which is airbag compatible. Autojoy has different kinds of car seat covers, also have leather car seat covers. By using it, you can protect  your original leather car seat and just change your car seat cover if there is any dirty or damage. If you are interested in autojoy car seat cover, you can visit its website or search it on Amazon. Hope you can enjoy your life everyday.

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