Five dangerous habits during driving

1. Wearing brooches
 Nowadays, more and more ladies love to wear all kinds of ornaments for beauty. In fact, women should be especially careful when wearing brooches and other jewelry during driving. There may be some potential danger, such as emergency brakes, the driver's body under the inertia suddenly rushed forward and the seat belt has great stress on the human body at the same time. If you wear the pendant, it’ll cause serious damage of sternal fracture.
2. Wearing high-heeled shoes
 High-heeled shoes and slippers are women's favorite in summer. But this is not conducive to driving. Wearing high heels, thick soled shoes or slippers, in an emergency situation, these may cause dangers. Thin bottom, soft shoes (not sole edge) is the safest choice for women while driving. If it is necessary to change the shoes, also remember the changed shoes can’t be placed under the front seat or the front seat side (to avoid rolling brake pedal).
3. Hanging plush toy
Often driving, you will see the front of the car seat hanging a lot of plush toys, very cute, so that people can’t help seeing more. But it's dangerous to put a plush toy on the back seat to block sight. There are a lot of female drivers love put backpacks, handbags and toys and other items in front of the windscreen, it’s also exists security risks, because these items are in emergency braking and the driver may fly to the front.
4. The seats are too close to the steering wheel
Because the female relative to men physique more delicate, many women love the seat away from the steering wheel too close, the body almost to come into contact with the steering wheel, which will enable the body to become very nervous, arms and legs bend too large for flexibility of manipulation, and the nearest the body, the viewing angle and sight will become more narrow.
5. Increase seat heights
Many female owners because of the petite body, it is customary to put a cushion on the driver's seat. But this is a very dangerous way. Because the cushion is active, it will increase the driver's body instability, when the situation of emergency braking, the body forward inertia is easy to make people slipped from the seat, the consequences can’t imagine.



When driving, we need to get rid of this bad habits in case of ensuring our own safety. And have an autojoy car seat cover cause it can make you more comfortable and ensure your safety. Autojoy car seat cover, enjoy your auto life.

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