September 28, 2017

Pineapple cloth
1, the appearance of white, soft and smooth, feel like silk like linen.
2, pineapple cloth soft, moisture-resistant, slightly yellow with luster.
3, made of fabric easy to dye, sweat breathable, crisp no wrinkles, with good antibacterial deodorant performance, suitable for high and mid-level suit, shirts, skirts, bedding and decorative fabrics.

Jacquard cloth
Soft texture, delicate, smooth unique texture, good gloss, drape and breathable, high color fastness (yarn dyeing). Large jacquard fabric pattern large and beautiful, color level and three-dimensional sense of strong, and small jacquard fabric pattern is relatively simple, more single.

Eye-bird mesh
Features: moisture perspiration, good elasticity, good ventilation
Quilting embroidery is a combination of the quilting machine and embroidery machine existing features, but also has a clear line clear, high precision embroidery, eating significantly improved the thickness of the operation speed, high yield, difficult to jumper and so on.

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